Makin’ it rain with Dr. Miami!

Dr. Miami
In a recent webinar for BuildMyBod Health, Dr. Miami offered his testimonial on why lead generation is so critical. Specifically, why lead generation using the BuildMyBod Health price transparency platform is so critical.


Makin’ it rain!

As you’ll see in the video below, Dr. Miami relies heavily on social media to generate a buzz and interest in his practice. As he explains, social media “makes it rain” with interested consumers and potential patients. The buzz results in patients inquiring about his services.


He has hundreds and thousands of inquiries every day. What do they all want to know? How much is this gonna cost me?! With so many leads, their call center would be overwhelmed if answering questions about cost was done manually. That’s why they direct them to their BuildMyBod profile page here.


This way, consumers can check pricing automatically. But to check price, they first have to provide their contact information. So Dr. Miami is essentially combining price transparency with lead generation! Something we call #PriceTransCAREncy! While social media may make it rain, BuildMyBod health is the bucket to capture that rain (leads)!


Video testimonial with Dr. Miami


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Click here for the original blog post written by Dr. Kaplan for BuildMyBod.


“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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