Belly Button Piercing Removal


When you’re young, some things sound like a good idea at the time. We all do things that we may regret one day, but luckily, a belly button piercing doesn’t have to be permanent and is surprisingly, quite an easy fix!

For some patients, pregnancies may cause stretching of the skin that changes the shape of the piercing, causing parts to hang loose or unattractive holes. If your belly button piercing has run its course, it is possible to have it removed with minimal to no visible scarring. 

Can a belly button piercing removal be done under local anesthesia?

Yes it can! It’s a relatively easy procedure done under local anesthesia. Dr. Kaplan will remove the “tube” of skin that created the old piercing tract. It’s removed through the piercing openings so your final incision (and light scar) are about as small as the pricing themselves. The only visible scar is the one above the navel. The other scar is inside the navel which no one can see.

What if I’m having a tummy tuck? Can I have it done at the same time?


What is the recovery like?

You’ll be in and out of the procedure in less than an hour and can go right back to your regular routine. Taking care of the tiny incisions is straight forward. Keeping the area clean and dry is key: Patients should shower (not bathe) at least once a day and let soap and water run over the closed incision. Within a couple of weeks, when it’s fully healed, then you can start submerging in water like a bath or hot tub. Ultimately, the scar will look like a crease in the skin. You may also opt into purchasing a silicone scar cream (yes, that’s available in the office) to help further improve the appearance of the scar.

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