A combination of lipotropes (Methionine, Inositol, Choline = the MIC in our MIC drops), along with Carnitine, vitamin B1 and Vitamin B5, help your body break down fat during metabolism. Combined with exercise and a healthy diet, the MIC Drop can increase fat and weight loss, helping you drop those pounds during your weight loss journey. MIC Drops are typically administered once a week for 2-3 months or until you reach your goal weight. Can be used separately, but work best with our weight management program

Vitamin B-12 helps support the body’s nerves, blood cells, and DNA production, as well as produce energy and contribute to fatty acid synthesis. Benefits include prevention of (megaloblastic) anemia, heart and brain health support, and increasing energy due to chronic fatigue. If you are known to have vitamin B-12 deficiency, we recommend weekly injections for 1-2 months, then either biweekly or monthly injections going forward.

Get the best of both worlds by boosting your MIC Drop injection with a dose of Vitamin B. They increase your energy and metabolism in different ways, therefore have synergistic benefits when taken together. Just like the plain MIC Drops, injections are administered