Chin/Cheek Implants


Facial implants can improve the appearance of the face by creating greater definition and more harmonious balance among the patient’s overall facial features.* Facial implant surgery can help to improve a small chin, weak jaw, and cheeks that are lacking volume and an attractive contour.* At the San Francisco plastic surgery practice of Dr. Kaplan, chin implants and cheek implants are often requested.

Chin Implants

Chin augmentation is increasing in popularity as more people realize that chin implants can help them achieve their facial cosmetic goals. A small or recessed chin that appears to “disappear into the neck” can be corrected with an implant. This procedure also has the capability to create a wider and stronger jawline for a more distinct appearance in the lower face.*

Cheek Implants

Cheek augmentation is designed to improve flat or recessed areas of the midface by creating a more proportionate and attractive facial appearance. This type of implant surgery increases projection and adds volume to the cheek contours.*

Both chin implants and cheek implants are made of solid, biocompatible materials. The type, size, and shape of each individual implant is customized to fit the San Francisco patients’ goals and facial structure. This helps to produce personalized, natural-looking results.*

How is the procedure performed?

During either the chin augmentation or cheek augmentation procedure, you will be under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The incision for chin implants is made inside the mouth, along the crease, between the bottom of the gums and the inside of the lower lip. An incision just below the chin can be used as an alternative.

The incision for cheek implants is usually made inside the mouth. Depending on the exact area of the cheek to be augmented, and whether or not other procedures are being combined with cheek implant surgery, alternative incision placements may be used inside the lower eyelid or within the hairline. After the implants are inserted through the incisions, absorbable sutures or stitches will be used to close the incisions. Results will be noticeable almost immediately, but some swelling may disguise the full results for up to several months.*

Who are the ideal candidates for chin and cheek implants?

Ideal patients are physically healthy, do not smoke, and have reached physical maturity (head and skull). As with all procedures, candidates should have realistic goals and expectations of plastic surgery. Everyone’s face is asymmetrical to some extent, so it is important to remember that cheek or chin implants may not result in absolute symmetry of the face. San Francisco patients will, however, be able to enjoy a more harmonious facial appearance after these procedures.* Chin and cheek implant surgeries can be performed in a combined surgery or patients can choose to undergo one or the other at separate times.The doctor may recommend that you combine your surgery with other facial contouring procedures to ensure a balanced and proportionate facial appearance.

During a consultation with Dr. Kaplan, he will evaluate the structure of your face to determine which procedure(s) will benefit you most and help you achieve your desired facial enhancement.

To learn if chin augmentation and/or cheek augmentation will benefit you, please contact our office in the San Francisco area today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaplan at  (415) 923-3005.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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