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Body contouring after massive weight loss/bariatric surgery

San Francisco residents who achieve massive weight loss are often left with sagging skin and tissues that prevent them from looking as good as they feel and showing off their new, slimmer figure. When a person gains weight, the skin and tissues stretch to accommodate new fat cells and they lose the elasticity needed for their skin and tissues to return to their original form after the weight is lost. Fortunately, body contouring improves the shape and firmness of underlying body tissues while reducing excess fat and skin.* This final step of the weight-loss process can give San Francisco patients a body that adequately reflects what they have worked so hard to achieve.*

What goes into body contouring after weight loss?

Body contouring after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery may include a combination of some or all of the following procedures:

  • Lower Body Lift: After major weight loss, sagging skin and fat settle around the midsection. This creates an “apron” overhang in the lower abdomen and waist. The buttocks may be flat or unevenly shaped, and the groin may sag into the inner thigh area. The lower body lift procedure corrects sagging in the abdomen, waist, hips, and buttocks.* A circumferential incision around the body is used to tighten underlying tissues and remove excess skin and fat from these areas.
  • Thigh Lift: Thigh contours improve through incisions in the groin and along the inner thigh toward the knee or extending around the back of the thigh. If necessary to correct sagging in the outer thigh, incisions from the groin extending around the outside of the hip may be necessary. We tighten and reshape the underlying tissue, and redrape the skin.
  • Arm Lift: Excess skin and loose tissues in the upper arms can be corrected through incisions extending from the armpits to the elbows along the back or the inside of the arms. The appearance and texture of the skin improves as we reduce the sagging pockets and excess skin.*
  • Breast Lift: Following major weight loss, the breasts may sag or have lost volume and shape. The nipples may fall below the breast crease. A breast lift, or “mastopexy,” procedure reduces excess skin and tightens the tissues of the breasts. This produces perky breasts with attractive contours.* Breast lift surgery can also correct large areolas and sagging nipples. This is done by excising excess areola skin and moving the nipples to a higher, more youthful location on the breasts. We use intravenous sedation or general anesthesia for these procedures.

Dr. Kaplan may perform these procedures in stages. He will develop a surgical plan based on your individual circumstances to best suit your needs.

Who is an ideal candidate for body contouring?

Ideal candidates for body contouring are close to their ideal body weight. They also have realistic expectations of the procedures, and do not smoke. San Francisco patients should understand that healing and recovery might take some time. The results of this surgery will gradually become apparent as the swelling and bruising resolve.

As with all surgical procedures, there are some risks associated with body contouring. Such as bleeding, unfavorable scarring, infection, and fluid accumulation. Dr. Kaplan and his staff perform many body contouring procedures.

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*Individual Results May Vary

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