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With the rise in the number and effectiveness of gastric bypass surgeries, lower body lift procedures are becoming more and more common. When patients undergo massive weight loss either by gastric bypass surgery or by diet and exercise, they are commonly left with an excess of loose skin which can be reduced with a lower body lift.* The purpose of this procedure is to lift and tighten the entire middle section of the body extending from the breast region down to the knees.*

What is involved in a lower body lift?

The procedure is actually a combination of three surgeries: abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”), a medial thigh lift, and a buttock lift, all of which Dr. Kaplan performs in his accredited San Francisco surgery suite. Abdominoplasty is a lifting of the skin above the abdomen and a tightening of the tissues and muscles beneath the abdominal wall and is the first step of the lower body lift. Excess skin is then reduced, resulting in a trimmer, more defined stomach for the patient.*

The next component to the lower body lift surgery is a medial (inner) thigh lift. The thigh lift tightens the skin around the inner thigh reducing “flab” while promoting contouring. In some cases, merely removing the skin is not completely effective, and a liposuction procedure may be employed to reduce excess fat deposits in the upper inner thigh as well. The buttock lift completes the surgery. In this procedure, extra skin and fat are reduced from the top part of the buttock, where it joins with the lower back and the buttock is pulled up. Many San Francisco patients lose much of their buttocks, however, when they lose massive amounts of weight so that when the buttocks is pulled tight there may be little to no fullness of the buttocks.* A new procedure performed by Dr Kaplan utilizes these tissues that had previously been thrown away. This tissue is placed beneath the buttocks at the same time the buttocks is lifted up.

This procedure results in very full, round and firm buttocks.* With the lower body lift surgery, incisions are carefully placed along the “panty line” so that they can be easily hidden by underwear. Patients undergo body lift surgery under general anesthesia. The best candidates for a lower body lift are those who have recently lost a considerable amount of weight and have a lot of loose skin. Recovery time varies, but normally patients do not return to their normal routine for at least two weeks. The lower body lift results in a smoother, sleeker firmer body contour.*

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*Individual Results May Vary

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