BOTOX® and Xeomin® Jeuveau® for facial wrinkles, RBF, lip flip, Bell’s palsy, sweating, scrotox


As San Francisco residents age, the cumulative effects of stress, sunlight, repetitive facial movements and environmental factors result in wrinkles and lines on the facial skin that make a person look much older. One of the basic types of these lines and wrinkles that form as we age is caused by repeated muscle contraction. As the facial muscle contracts, it folds the overlying skin. This causes a wrinkle or line to form. These types of wrinkles are commonly called “dynamic wrinkles.” Dynamic wrinkles are found on the forehead, on the nasal bridge between the eyes (glabellar region) and around the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet).

BOTOX® and XEOMIN® can also be used to treat a GUMMY SMILE (also called a lip flip)! By reducing the muscle tone to the upper lip, the lip raises less while smiling, therefore reducing the appearance of a gummy smile. This may also affect your ability to suck out of a straw, just FYI!

Other uses include the reduction of excess sweating of the armpits and palms (referred to as hyperhidrosis). In some cases, it’s also appropriate for TMJ and migraines. These treatments can relax muscles along the jawline that pull the corners of the mouth down that contribute to the appearance of a scowl or RBF (resting bitch face). And also, men that have pain from overactive, tight, squeezing muscles of the scrotum can use these injections to relax the cremaster muscle that cause pain in the scrotum.

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Xeomin can also be used to treat asymmetry due to Bell’s Palsy. Read more about that here.

Wrinkles, especially when they appear earlier in your life such as in your thirties, can make you feel as though you look older than you actually are or feel inside. Some San Francisco patients of Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery report negative feelings associated with these natural signs of aging. If you’re wanting to turn back the hands of time without undergoing a surgical procedure, then BOTOX® and Xeomin just might be the right solution for you.

The use of Jeauveau®, Xeomin® or BOTOX® Cosmetic may significantly improve, if not completely remove, the appearance of these lines and wrinkles.*

What are BOTOX®, Jeuveau® and Xeomin®?

BOTOX® and Xeomin are purified proteins that, when injected directly into the muscle, can temporarily reduce lines and wrinkles.* Injecting tiny amounts of Xeomin into the underlying facial muscle causes the muscle to relax so that the lines in the overlying skin disappear. The BOTOX® procedure is very safe and highly effective, giving your skin a supple, more youthful appearance without disturbing those muscles that are essential to facial expression.* You will still be able to smile, frown, or look surprised, but without the lines and wrinkles. Patients report very little discomfort with Xeomin and BOTOX® as Dr. Kaplan uses ice and numbing creams in addition to extremely small needles. The entire treatment usually takes only about ten minutes and no recovery time is needed.*

Is there any downtime associated with BOTOX®, Jeuveau® or Xeomin®?

Immediately following the treatment patients may return to work and resume normal activities. The results of a Xeomin injection typically appear within three to five days after the BOTOX® treatment and last for three to four months.* Dr. Kaplan has found in many of his patients that the time needed between additional injections increases if the injections are performed on a regular basis. If treatment is discontinued, lines and wrinkles will gradually reappear. Contact the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Jonathan Kaplan today for more information about how BOTOX® Cosmetic can help you look and feel younger without surgery.*

Can BOTOX® or Xeomin used for preventative purposes?

Some San Francisco residents desire to stop the telltale signs of aging before they begin. And that’s why Dr. Kaplan sees so many younger patients – even in their twenties – for preventative BOTOX injections. Research is showing that getting BOTOX injections at a younger age can either prevent or delay wrinkles from appearing on the face, helping you to look more youthful and rejuvenated for a longer amount of time.

Am I a good candidate for BOTOX® or Xeomin?

Many San Francisco residents are good candidates for treatment with BOTOX® or Xeomin. These potential patients of Dr. Kaplan include:

  • Patients who are in good general overall health.
  • Men or women who are younger and want to prevent wrinkles from appearing.
  • San Francisco patients who are beginning to show wrinkles, but aren’t yet candidates for surgical procedures like a facelift, or a more intensive filler procedure like a liquid facelift.
  • Patients who have listened to Dr. Kaplan explain the BOTOX® or Xeomin process and capabilities to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and have expressed to him that they have realistic results for their treatments.
  • Patients who are in good psychological health.

How long do facial filler treatments last?

It’s important for potential San Francisco patients to note that facial fillers are not a long-term solution and that additional injections will be required. Typically, initial injections can last about three to six months. However, many plastic surgeons such as Dr. Kaplan are starting to see that with repeat injections, the reappearance of fine lines and wrinkles are subtler, or that fewer injections are required over time.

You have many plastic surgeon choices in San Francisco; why choose Dr. Kaplan?

With places like Bay Area spas and even some dentist offices offering BOTOX®, you might wonder why you need to see Dr. Kaplan for your injection. The reason – his specific training and experience. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kaplan not only knows the technical aspects of these injections but has been professionally trained for years with an artistic eye to provide his Bay Area patients with the best possible results. You don’t want to trust your face to a spa technician or dentist who is providing BOTOX® injections to add a new line of income to his or her business, do you? No, you need the skilled training of a physician to provide you with the results you desire, and with many years of professional experience, Dr. Kaplan is the ideal provider for you.

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BOTOX®  is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc. and JUVEDERM®  is a registered trademark of Allergan Industrie, SAS

*Individual Results May Vary

“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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