Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)


Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery is one of the surgeries most commonly performed by Dr. Kaplan. Given the prominence of the nose in the middle of the face it is easy to understand the significant effect the nose has on the entire face.

What can be accomplished with rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) can reduce or increase the size of the nose.* The overall shape of the nose may be changed or just a portion such as the tip or bridge may be changed. The shape and size of nostrils may be changed as well as the angle between the upper lip and the nose. A nose job can also correct traumatic deformities that may range from a simple nasal fracture to a completely crooked, deviated nose.*

Important information for rhinoplasty patients

It is important to remember when considering nasal surgery that the nose has an extremely important functional aspect. As air passes through the nose it is warmed, cleaned and humidified. Therefore, any surgery on the nose must always keep all of these facts in mind. Beauty must be combined with function. The rhinoplasty consultation process begins with an extensive examination of the internal and external aspects of the nose. The nasal septum and turbinates are assessed and breathing is evaluated. The nose is then photographed from six different angles in order to thoroughly analyze it. With the use of digital photography and computer imaging it is now possible for patients to be very involved in formulating esthetic rhinoplasty goals that are both realistic and individualized.

It is also very important that factors such as patient’s wishes, skin type and skin thickness are included in this process. The rhinoplasty surgery is performed in Dr. Kaplan’s fully accredited outpatient operating room. The surgery may be performed either under local I.V. sedation or under general anesthesia with the patient returning home the same day.* After rhinoplasty surgery a nasal cast is placed on the nose for one week. Nasal packing is usually not required, but if necessary, the packing used is self-dissolving so that it does not need to be removed. After seven days most San Francisco patients feel comfortable resuming their daily activities.*

Any residual swelling will gradually fade over the next six months at which time the patient’s transformation will be considered complete.* Most rhinoplasty patients find the result of their surgery to be very harmonizing to the rest of their facial features, creating a much more pleasing esthetic.*

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*Individual Results May Vary

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