That’s right! If you’re willing to do your consultation on TikTok Live, it will be FREE! This is a great opportunity to have a free consultation with Dr. Kaplan, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, on TikTok Live and “pay it forward” to others who can watch the consultation and learn from the discussion. The consultation can be for any body contouring or facial procedure.

We will take measures to help you remain anonymous during the consultation:

  • You may wear a face mask during the consultation to protect your anonymity or set up your camera so that it does not show your face
  • We can provide you with a separate TikTok account you may use for the consultation that will not reveal your name

Other details below!

  • You must complete pre-consultation intake forms
  • The standard $200-$500 consultation fee will be waived
  • You must agree to appear on TikTok Live during your consultation where others can tune in and watch
  • Wear minimal loose fitting, but still modest clothing to be able to show areas of concern without exposing any sensitive areas. Clothing options include: a bikini, crop top, sports bra, etc.
  • No requirement or expectation to move forward with surgery

Reach out to us to see if you are a candidate for a FREE TikTok Live Consultation by calling or texting (415) 923-3005 or emailing [email protected] today!