Over time, sun exposure, loss of elastic tissue, gravity, and the stresses of daily life take their toll on the appearance of the face. Jowls start to develop along the neckline, deep creases form between the mouth and nose, and loose skin starts to hang down in the neck. The aging process affects not only the skin but also the deeper underlying structures such as fat and muscle.

Old facelift techniques vs. new techniques

Older facelift techniques tended to give an unnatural pulled look as they lifted the skin only. Today’s facelift techniques concentrate on the deeper underlying layers beneath the skin. When these are lifted back into their more youthful positions the skin “comes along for the ride.” The skin is then removed with no tension, giving a very natural, pleasing younger appearance and avoiding the “pulled windswept look.”* While a facelift may be performed alone many San Francisco patients combine it with other procedures such as upper and lower eyelid lift, forehead lift, chin implant or rhinoplasty (nose) surgery at the same time. Incisions are made in inconspicuous locations utilizing the natural folds of the face and ears.

Since there is little to no tension on these scars they fade to be nearly invisible over six to twelve months.* In younger patients and patients who do not desire much lifting, different variations of a full face lift may be performed. These variations include a mini lift and a modified face lift. These surgeries have shorter scars; less swelling and quicker healing times but of course do not have as much effect on the facial/neck skin.* Dr. Kaplan will examine you carefully, listen to and discuss your esthetic desires to see which one of these procedures is right for you.

What is the surgical process and recovery like for a facelift?

Surgery is performed in Dr. Kaplan’s private clinic in the medical professional building located in the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Surgery may be performed under either local or general anesthesia. After surgery, patients spend the first night in the clinic with two nurses present in order to ensure comfort and safety. Four days post surgery patients return to Dr. Kaplan’s office for suture removal. Patients are up and around the day after surgery with any postoperative discomfort easily managed with oral pain medication.* Within one week most of the swelling will have disappeared and by the second or third week you will be able to go back to work with minimal swelling or bruising.* Facelift surgery leaves the patient looking rested, refreshed and years younger.* Without sacrificing those desirable traits that make your face unique, you will gain a fresher, more youthful overall appearance.*

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*Individual Results May Vary

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