*Individual results may vary

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH

“I look and feel ten years younger after having had my facelift done. This has been an incredibly uplifting experience for my body and mind.”*

by M.K. (female)

“In a few hours I got the results I worked ten years to get. I wish I had done this 5 years ago.”*

by M.C. (Liposuction, male)

“… Dr. Brown’s office was in touch with me to ask if I would let you know about my experience. In a nutshell, it was amazing… Dr. Brown will tell you everything to expect, and everything is so right on… he should also include that he is an artist, because my results superceded my expectations… it is so natural and there is barely a trace that anything was done. That was on July 15th… the patient coordinator will supply you with all the necessary info about anticipating the procedure, and all of the recommendations are perfect. The recommendations for recuperation are also flawless, and if they are adhered to, you will have an easy time. If not, I venture to say that it would not be as quick or pleasant… Staying overnight with them is the way to go…the nurses are unbelievable… like angels… My advice, you do not need to go anywhere else. I am from NYC, and have seen my share. In my opinion, he is the best…*

Submitted by a patient who had a modified facelift

” I had heard that Dr. Donald Brown does exquisite work on noses & I was confident knowing he is board certified as ENT & Plastic Surgery. As I had a breathing problem and now, not only can I breathe properly but I am thrilled at the beautiful natural shape of my nose. The efficient and caring attitude of the office staff impressed me and the whole experience was smooth yet detailed.”*

by C. L. (Rhinoplasty)

“I just had my second surgical procedure with Dr. Brown, who I have seen regularly for Botox and fillers over the last several years. I can’t recommend him highly enough. First of all, I am incredibly happy with the natural-ness of his aesthetic. I look like me, only rested and younger, but I don’t look like someone who has had plastic surgery. Second, he is a great medical doctor. He is thorough, caring, knowledgeable, informative…and not the slightest bit patronizing or condescending. He spoke with my other doctors, and knew everything about all my pre-existing medical issues. He made sure I had the proper pain meds post-surgery. His staff called every day to make sure I was doing well. I have absolute confidence in him.”*


“Dr Brown’s practice is geared toward assessing and satisfying his patient’s wants and needs. He and his staff are in practice to help his patients achieve their goals. When you come to him with an idea of how you would like to change your appearance, he will help you accurately analyze your ideas. With his expertise and experience, he can and will suggest possibilities to better help you achieve your desired results.
Dr Brown is not a salesman, and from my experience, concentrates on the patient’s areas of concern. Most of these procedures are elective and the list can be long or short, but it is the patient’s list that he is expertly attuned to accomplishing.
Completing the package of services provided by Dr Brown is excellent post operative care and monitoring of the procedure to insure proper healing. There is no doubt that were I in need of, or wanted care in the future…………… I would seek Dr. Brown’s help.”*

by Jim B.

“Dr. Brown and his staff are nothing but caring and supportive! My experience within this office has been remarkable! I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Brown if you are contemplating surgery.”*

by M.S.

“I just had a procedure done by dr. brown and I am very pleased with the results. He talked to me in great detail prior to my procedure. He has been a plastic surgeon for many years and has really great techniques for a really great outcome. Post op he is very easy to reach and gets back to you promptly. I highly recommend him:)”*

by Claire C

“The five reasons I would recommend Dr. Brown for breast augmentation:
1. His staff are warm and supportive
2. Dr Brown cares about breast health, as well as aesthetics.
3. Dr. Brown is not rushed and patiently answered all my questions.
4. He is respectful and interested in what you want, regarding size, type of implant and incision site. Once he hears what you want, he will give his expert opinion.
5. Dr. Brown is an artist and a perfectionist who cares about giving you a natural improved look. What more would you want from your plastic surgeon!”*

by Jennifer S.

“Dr. Brown is amazing. I have been to him for skin care and many years ago had my nose “fixed” by him. His work is incredible and his goal is to make me look as natural as possible, with subtle maintenance procedures. I am very cautious about what I do with my face, and he is not only absolutely professional about his every treatment, but his attention to detail and his talented hands have proven to me time and again that he is truly a gifted surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone… thank you Dr. Brown!”*

by Jane D.

“Dr. Brown is a professional and good at what he does. He is not like most doctors that want to rush you out to see their next patient. He spends quality time with you to address your concerns. I have had several surgeries done with him at one time and plan to continue keeping him as my doctor for future needs. I highly recommend Dr. Brown from anything as simple as injections to complicated surgeries.”*

by Allen Y.

“I had cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Brown in July of 2009. I had consulted with him indicating that I was most concerned and self-conscious about my neck area. I had been seen by him at St. Mary’s Hospital approximately 17 years prior to 2009 for an accidental fall with serious injury to my face and leg. I was impressed with him at that time and so he was my first consideration for this cosmetic surgery consult.

Again, I felt most comfortable choosing him as my surgeon. I had a full face lift, neck lift and eye lift. I had a friend with medical background to accompany me to the visits prior to the surgery. She also stayed with me in my apartment after the surgery for my recovery.

He and the staff were most supportive and helpful. I looked forward to all the follow-up visits.

I should point out that at the time of my surgery, I was 72 years old. My only regret was that I wished that I had had this surgery years ago. Needless to say, I was completely happy with the results. I looked natural and did not look like “oh, she had some work done.” I recall one person who I had limited contact with, when I told her that I had had cosmetic surgery, replied, “Oh, I just thought that you had lost weight.” I also showed the before pictures to my 7 year-old great niece some months later and her reaction was, “More better!”

I would highly recommend Dr. Brown for cosmetic surgery. He is truly an artist and a very caring surgeon. He loves his work. You would be in excellent hands.”*

by Rosemary D

“Dr. Brown spent more initial time with me than any other physician I have ever visited. His calm professional manner and enthusiasm impressed me. As a result, I felt no anxiety and was convinced that I was in the best possible hands. I experienced much less pain and discomfort than anticipated. Not only did I have a kind and lovely nurse feeding me ice-cubes after the surgery but Dr. Brown was right there assuring me that everything had gone beautifully. The post-op care did not end with the removal of staples and sutures. Six months after the surgery Dr. Brown was still checking my face. How do I look now? Great!! Would I do this again? You betcha!!!”*

by I.L. (Facelift)

*Individual Results May Vary

“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.