Gynecomastia Correction


Excess breast tissue in males is referred to as gynecomastia. This can be “idiopathic”, meaning there may be no cause. Or it can be caused by a past history of steroid use, marijuana use or a side effect of certain anti-psychotic medications.

Can gynecomastia be corrected?

Of course! There are two different surgical procedures that can correct gynecomastia: liposuction or gynecomastia repair. 

Depending on how much excess fat and skin the patient has, sometimes liposuction to the chest is enough. The skin around the area that fat is removed will tighten.

If there is more fibrous tissue and excess skin, this cannot be treated with liposuction alone and may require direct excision. Incisions are made around the lower half of the areola that leaves a hidden scar where the skin naturally is different in color. After liposuction of the chest, the excess breast tissue is removed from the small incision. If there is a great deal of excess skin, more scars may be necessary to remove the skin and obtain desired results. This can be determined during a consultation appointment. 

How will the surgeon know if I need gynecomastia correction over liposuction?

This is also determined during a consultation appointment. If your breast tissue is soft and the consistency is similar to “love handles” or flanks, then the underlying tissue is likely all fat and can be treated with liposuction. If the tissue feels firm and rubbery, that is likely breast tissue that will require direct excision via gynecomastia correction.

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