5 myths of breast augmentation

myths of breast augmentation

Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for! Five myths that many believe about breast augmentation, fed by bad info on the internet. The post below will help you wade through that information so you can make a better decision for yourself.


1. After I have a breast aug, I can no longer breastfeed

Not true! Regardless of what incision is used, even the incision around the areola, breast augmentation does not affect breast feeding. Keep in mind that not all women can breast feed in the first place. So if you can’t breast feed before a breast augmentation, you obviously wouldn’t be able to afterwards.


Many people describe the incision around the areola as “going through the nipple.” This also isn’t true (bonus myth debunked)! The incision is never made within the nipple so you don’t have to worry about breast feeding issues just because of breast augmentation.


2. I need to have the implants replaced after 10 years

This is based on this statement from the FDA. While 20% of breast augmentation patients do have issues with their breasts after 10 years (capsular contracture, leak, ptosis), that also means 80% of patients are fine. So you don’t have to get them replaced after 10 years. It’s only if you have a problem.


3. I will lose feeling in my nipples and surrounding areas

Again, the “incision through the nipple” is actually along the edge of the surrounding areola. While you may have a little numbness along the incision itself temporarily, you don’t lose feeling in the nipple.


Losing nipple sensation can occur if the entire nipple and areola must be removed but this only happens during very large breast reductions, not augmentations. This can also occur with certain types of breast reconstruction after cancer. So these myths can be true in completely different situations but not breast augmentation.


4. My breasts will look and feel fake

They don’t have to. If you get round implants, the upper portion of the breast can look fuller which is not natural. But if you don’t get huge implants, you can still look very natural. Shaped implants also help with providing a more natural shape. Lastly, with the newer generation silicone implants, they feel more natural, look more natural, not hard and fake, like older implants.


5. Recovery is painful and will need drains

With a straightforward breast augmentation, your breast augmentation procedure should not require drains. They may be used in revision breast augmentation procedures or breast reductions. Again, many myths come about when readers conflate issues with one type of operation with another.


The only thing we haven’t covered is cost. So to check pricing for breast augmentation from Dr. Kaplan, click here.


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