Are smaller breasts really a new trend?

smaller breastsIn this article from, “they” and “those in the know” are suggesting that women are requesting smaller breasts now. Specifically, more women are requesting to downsize their previous breast augmentation procedures.


Why are women requesting smaller breasts?

This isn’t brand new information. In fact, we discussed Victoria’s Secrets sagging fortunes in the larger bra market in this blog post here. It seems the days of the buxom breasts, while still here, aren’t as common as they once were.


According to several sources, more women are requesting either small implants to begin with, or downsizing their existing implants. But keep in mind, simply removing implants that you don’t want anymore isn’t that simple.


Sure removing the implants themselves is simple. However, the breasts have stretched over time. So when you remove the implants, they can be very saggy or ptotic (the fancy word for saggy). In that case, you can inset new smaller implants but more than likely, you’ll also need to perform a breast lift. This requires some additional scars.


Depending on how much of a lift you need, the additional scars with either be only around the areola, around the areola and a vertical incision (lollipop incision) or an “anchor” incision that also includes a scar under the breast. Certainly no one wants additional scars but getting a perky shape to the breast after removing implants may outweigh your concerns about additional scars. Talk to your plastic surgeon about it.


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