What exactly IS a Mommy Makeover?

mommy makeoverA Mommy Makeover is just a fancy name for a combined procedure that consists of a breast augmentation and/or mastopexy (breast lift), along with liposuction and a tummy tuck. What? It sounds like a lot, but this combination is quite common for women who want to fix deflated breasts and get rid of excess, hanging skin in their abdomen. It is an outpatient procedure and depending on your size, will take approximately 6-8 hours.


The details in a mommy makeover

The breast augmentation portion of the procedure typically consists of a small incision either in the inframammary fold, around the areola or in the armpit. There are pros and cons for each choice, but the choice is yours depending on your case and what type of incision that you want to live with after surgery.


A gummy bear silicone implant is then inserted to give the perkiness patients desire. They can also choose between shaped or round implants depending on the look they’re going for. In some cases when there is excess droop in the breasts, a lift may be necessary. Depending on how much lift is required, it is performed with an anchor, lollipop areolar (donut) or crescent incisions.


The tummy tuck part of the procedure begins with liposuction of the abdomen and flanks. This extra step can really maximize the results of the tummy tuck. Then, a long incision across the abdomen is made, just below the panty line. The skin is elevated towards the breastbone and then the excess skin is removed. If the patient has any rectus diastasis or abdominal separation that typically results from multiple pregnancies, this is corrected by rectus plication wherein sutures are used to pull the muscles back together. Lastly, in an ideal case, progressive retention sutures are used so that drains are not required.


And wham bam, thank you ma’am, you’re all done! Checkout this video below and to check pricing on a mommy makeover from Dr. Kaplan, click here.


Mommy Makeover: The video


Oh, and for the ladies out there who haven’t had kids – if this combination surgery sounds like what you are looking for, don’t be shy in asking for the Mommy Makeover! Andon’t let the name scare you away; it’s just a name. Getting the combined procedure not only gives you one recovery period, but doing so will also save you money compared to going under for two separate procedures.


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