Did J Lo get plastic surgery? I say no!

j lo get plastic surgery
This year’s Super Bowl was disappointing for many reasons. Being from Louisiana, it was disappointing the Saints weren’t in the big game. With San Francisco as my adopted home, it was also disappointing that the 49er’s lost. But what wasn’t disappointing? The appearance of J Lo and Shakira! These women are defying age. And the question on everyone’s mind is, did J Lo get plastic surgery (or Shakira for that matter)? My answer? No.


J Lo get plastic surgery? Nope!

As you can see in this Instagram post, I stated unequivocally that J Lo looks as amazing as she does through hard work, diet and exercise. And as you’ll see in the comments on that post, many people vehemently disagreed with me. Some went so far as to suggest that I wasn’t a good enough surgeon if I couldn’t make someone look like that! Or that I didn’t have enough confidence in myself to provide someone with a result as natural as J Lo’s body! They’re missing the point.


For those naysayers out there, tell me what plastic surgery you think J Lo had? Her arms are tone and buff. Did she get bicep implants? No, she worked out!


You think she had breast implants? Oh really?! J Lo got breast implants so she could have B cup, small, shapely, appropriate-for-her-body breasts? And she got them 35 years ago before anyone took a photo of her? I mean, her breasts have looked the same at least as far back as her Grammy dress from 2000!


A tummy tuck? Yes, her abdomen looks amazing after kids. So she had a tummy tuck to tighten her rectus diastasis without any evidence of a tummy scar or incision around her belly button? With her exposing her abdomen on the reg, it’s not possible to hide scars like that, that well.


This is my point. Whatever plastic surgery people think she had, there’s no physical evidence of that, other than she looks great. Honestly, I believe people want her to have had plastic surgery more than they think she actually had plastic surgery. Because if she had plastic surgery, then they could say she has money and was able to afford plastic surgery. Whereas if she has that body through hard work, diet and exercise, then we all collectively have no excuse!


Video: J Lo did NOT get plastic surgery


Finally, to reiterate, I’m not saying plastic surgery can’t make someone look amazing. Of course it can. I have patients to prove it. But in J Lo’s case, there’s no evidence of a tummy tuck scar to suggest she got that body from anything other than hard work, diet and exercise.


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