Hospitals posting prices. A good start.

price transparency
You may have seen this NY Times article a couple weeks ago about a new law requiring hospitals to post prices. The law was initially included in the Unaffordable Care Act but not put into action until the Trump administration.   The article highlights how the information posted by the hospitals is inadequate and not actionable. All true, but you have to start somewhere.  ...
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Dr. Kaplan speaking at AACS in Orlando

Starting today, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health is giving four lectures over the course of two days at the AACS Annual Meeting in Orlando.   BuildMyBod Health: A primer For those of you not familiar, BuildMyBod Health allows consumers to check pricing on healthcare services that are typically paid out of pocket. They are paid out of pocket because 1) you haven’t met...
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Kelsey’s rant (kelseykaplanfashion on IG): What to look for in your doctor [video]

I don’t know what got her going but my wife, Kelsey, or kelseykaplanfashion on Instagram, went on a humorous tirade on what to look for in a plastic surgeon. It’s her 5 standards that lead to THE gold standard in choosing your doctor. Check out the video and listicle below!   The Gold Standard of what to look for in a doctor by Kelsey Kaplan...
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BuildMyBod Health founder speaking at Nazarian Institute

nazarian institute
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health will be speaking at the Nazarian Institute this weekend. The meeting is open to everyone trying to take their branding and customer service experience to the next level. You can sign up here.   Price transCAREncy and upping your customer service game at the Nazarian Institute Dr. Kaplan will speak on how to combine price transparency and lead...
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2019 BuildMyBod Health Annual Pricing Report [infographic]

2019 BuildMyBod Health Annual Pricing Report
BuildMyBod Health is the number one online marketplace for healthcare services. It provides consumers and employees of self-funded plans with its robust database of price information on medically necessary procedures typically paid out of pocket before a deductible is met or because the service is considered cosmetic. These prices reflect either the cash rate or the negotiated rate between the healthcare provider and the insurance...
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How I weed out price shoppers and find serious patients in the process

One of the more frustrating aspects of running a medical practice is the constant calls and emails asking about the cost of procedures. This annoys doctors because it makes them feel that their training and expertise accounts for nothing. As though, all that really matters is “how much is this gonna cost me?!” But doctors also need to recognize that just because someone asks about......
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Price TransCAREncy, not price transparency

What’s the difference between price transcarency and price transparency? Simple. Price transparency is the idea that consumers should understand the costs of a good or service prior to purchasing it. Pretty obvious in most industries…except healthcare. Price transcarency, in its most general terms, is the movement to bring price transparency to healthcare.   Price TransCAREncy In the past, the healthcare community, despite previous efforts, has...
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Treatment for undereye dark circles [video]

undereye dark circles
Tired of those undereye dark circles? Or just tired of everyone thinking you look tired because of them?! Or maybe you regularly apply foundation to your face just so you can cover the dark circles. Well, there’s something you can do about this “malady.” As you’ll see in the post and video below, you’re not alone.   Undereye dark circles The dark circles under the...
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Brunch with the Baes! [video]

🌟SURPRISE BRUNCH WITH THE BAES GIVEAWAY!🌟 If you could have brunch 🥐🍳 with anyone in the world, who would it be?! Dr. Kaplan’s wife, Kelsey – @kelseykaplanfashion on Instagram – would want it to be the entire Kardashian family 💁🏽‍♀️.   But if Dr. and Mrs. Kaplan, aka Dr. and Mrs. Bae, crossed your mind, it’s your lucky day! (In case you’re confused, Dr. Bae is just Dr. Kaplan’s......
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What you should expect from yourself and your surgeon after surgery

after surgery
We had a recent postoperative patient compliment us on our blog and how informative it is. However, she pointed out that one thing she couldn’t find was a blog post on what to expect after surgery. So here goes!   What you should expect from yourself and your surgeon after surgery This listicle should serve as a general outline of expectations after surgery. These include...
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