What should I wear for surgery?

wear for surgeryWhile it’s not necessary to wear the same thing as Kelsey Kaplan Fashion (@kelseykaplanfashion on Instagram) on your surgery day, what you wear is important. So for those patients wondering, “what should I wear for surgery?”, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not just another typical day in your life and because it’s unique, there are important things to consider.


What to wear for surgery

Determining what to wear for surgery requires knowledge of what happens in the operating room. Obviously the surgeon needs access to the area where the operation is occurring. Is it the chest, arms or abdomen? Maybe the face. So you want to make it as easy as possible to get out of your clothes upon arrival. But more importantly, you want to wear clothes that are easy to get back into after surgery.


For example, if you’re having facial surgery, you should wear a button down shirt so you don’t have to pull a shirt over your head. If you’re having breast surgery, there’s no reason to bring a bra because your surgeon will probably place a postop garment on you after surgery. There’s no need to wear tight jeans because you don’t want to put yourself in the situation where you have to struggle to put your pants back on. In light of these situations, you should focus on baggy clothing. That includes a button down shirt for the reasons mentioned above and sweat pants. Slip on shoes are best so it’s easy to get back on after surgery.


But what about accessories?

I know you want to look as pretty as possible for surgery but you really don’t need to wear any makeup or jewelry. It’s best if piercings are removed but I understand non-traditional piercings can be difficult to remove. For patients that have nipple rings, we cover these with a sterile dressing during surgery if we’re not making incisions around the areola. By allowing the patient to keep those piercings in place, there’s less frustration for the patient and it avoids a delay in surgery trying to get them out!


Don’t forget to wear similar loose-fitting clothing for your postop appointment so it’s easy for your doctor to examine your surgical site. Best of luck!


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