Taking care of your JP drain [video]

If you’ve had surgery or planning on surgery, you may need a JP drain. JP stands for Jackson-Pratt, ostensibly the inventors that probably didn’t sign a very good deal for royalties! Anyway, a drain is useful to remove any fluid that builds up after an operation.   When a JP drain may be used Basically, […]

Bees and my surgery origin story [video]

Do you remember that scene from Tommy Boy (hyperlink to YouTube video clip) where Chris Farley and David Spade’s character are driving drunk after it appears that Tommy Boy has lost the family brake pad business to the bank?! Even if you haven’t, picture two dumba$$es, depressed and dejected by their recent failure, driving drunk […]

Do you really need to remove fingernail polish for surgery?

Why do the preop surgery folks tell us to avoid fingernail polish for surgery? And for that matter, why are we told to avoid eating and drinking after midnight? That one’s easier to explain. When a patient is going to sleep for surgery and the anesthesiologist is putting a breathing tube down your throat, there’s […]

What should I wear for surgery?

While it’s not necessary to wear the same thing as Kelsey Kaplan Fashion (@kelseykaplanfashion on Instagram) on your surgery day, what you wear is important. So for those patients wondering, “what should I wear for surgery?”, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not just another typical day in your life and because it’s unique, […]