We love #TheCrunch

This statement probably doesn’t make any sense unless you get Botox or Xeomin for facial wrinkles. Both of these products work in exactly the same way to relax muscles that cause wrinkles on the forehead, in between the eyebrows or the crow’s feet.


What’s #TheCrunch?

Botox or XEOMIN® both contain botulinum toxin. This toxin, when injected, relaxes muscles. And not just muscles that cause facial wrinkles. It’s used for other non-cosmetic purposes like an overactive bladder or tight muscles in the next that cause torticollis. It’s also perfect to treat a gummy smile or to improve the jawline.


For it to work, the fluid carrying the toxin must find it’s way into the muscle. If it’s injected just under the skin, it may still work but it requires the toxin to diffuse and “find it’s way” to the muscle to take effect. That’s why it’s important to inject directly into the muscle for maximal effectiveness.


And that’s where the crunch (#thecrunch) comes in. When injecting to the forehead in particular, the patient and the doctor can hear a crunching sound as the needle goes into the muscle. While this can be disconcerting to the patient, it’s actually a good thing. It means the physician is injecting the toxin appropriately and into the appropriate area for muscle relaxation to occur. With more toxin in the correct position, the effect can last longer. So…love #thecrunch!


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