Why tax season is the time to schedule your cosmetic surgery

tax season
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Tax season officially culminates tomorrow, April 15th (or maybe technically April 18th this year) when you file your taxes. And let’s just assume you’re filing your taxes on time! Aside from getting past the anxiety of taxes, this is actually a great time of year. Why? Because this is the time to get that mommy makeover or aesthetic touchup that you’ve been considering.


What’s so great about tax season?

As you might imagine, tax season can also mean a tax refund. Sure you can put that money away for a rainy day or pay off some debt but who are we kidding?! As Americans we don’t feel alive unless we’re spending that money even before it lands in our pocket! So if you really don’t have more important bills or loans to tend to, cosmetic surgery is certainly a reasonable investment in yourself. My apologies if my glib perspective is not conducive to a responsible financial attitude.


In addition to having the funds to pay for a cosmetic procedure, April is a great month for cosmetic improvements. Pretty much any cosmetic surgery to the breasts, abdomen or booty are well healed within about 6 weeks. That doesn’t mean you can’t go back to work for 6 weeks. You can return to your normal routine within days or a couple weeks depending on your comfort level. I’m referring to 6 weeks since that’s about how long it takes for the incisions to heal well enough that they can be submerged in water.


Why water? Because 6 weeks after the month of April is summer time! In other words, getting a procedure in April will allow you to be healed in time for vacation. So now you have the motivation and the money in April, right after tax season. What are you going to do?


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