3 options for financing cosmetic surgery and other healthcare services [video]

options for financing cosmetic surgery
If you’re considering any type of procedure that will be paid out of pocket because it’s considered cosmetic or because it’s medically necessary and you haven’t met your deductible, you want to read this first! Here are 3 options for financing cosmetic surgery or any healthcare service.   Options for Financing cosmetic surgery or other healthcare services If you don’t have the cash flow to...
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Why tax season is the time to schedule your cosmetic surgery

Tax season officially culminates tomorrow, April 15th (or maybe technically April 18th this year) when you file your taxes. And let’s just assume you’re filing your taxes on time! Aside from getting past the anxiety of taxes, this is actually a great time of year. Why? Because this is the time to get that mommy makeover or aesthetic touchup that you’ve been considering.   What’s......
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