Different types of breast lift incisions

breast lift incisionsIn this post, you’ll read about the different types of breast lift incisions but also see examples of each. They have their pros and cons but most importantly, the type of incision isn’t your “choice.” It’s a matter of how much breast droop or ptosis you have. That translates into how much excess skin you have. The more droop and excess skin means more skin needs to be removed and therefore, the more scars.


Breast lift incisions

If you have very minimal droop, maybe just a slight droop of the areola, skin above the areola is removed. This incision is very well hidden as seen in the photo below. Look closely, but it’s pretty hard to see!


breast lift incisions


If you have more droop than that, but not too much, a periareolar incision may be all you need. This is when excess skin is removed around the entire areola only, so the only scar is around the areola. This is very well hidden because the scar lies within the junction of normal pigmented skin and the darker areolar skin. Hard to believe this incision can fade so well. But it can and will provide more lift to the breasts. The implant is inserted through the incision around the areola.

breast lift incisions


The next step in the excess skin ladder is the “lollipop” incision. This is an incision around the areola and down to the fold under the breast. The outline of the incision resembles a lollipop as seen below.

breast lift incisions


And last but not least, if you have a significant amount of droop, then you’ll need the “anchor” incision. This is a combination of the procedures above (incision around the areola and then extending down to the fold under the breasts) plus an incision along the fold under the breast. While this does have the most incisions, it is the most powerful lift.

breast lift incisions

Don’t be distressed about the incisions. The alternative is to have a misshapen breast that is hanging over your implant. Sure you have more incisions with a formal lift but your breasts look great!


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