Clever ways to hide your surgical scars

surgical scars
Arm lift before and after photo posted on Instagram showing the outer aspect of the arm, hiding the scars.

Getting surgery and want to hide your scars? Whether you’re getting surgery for medically necessary or cosmetic reasons, here are a few ways you can better hide your scar. Keep in mind that it’s ok to ask your surgeon about hiding scars but  don’t demand it. While you may be most worried about scars, they’re worried about ensuring the best access to perform your surgery in the safest manner possible.


Hiding your surgical scars

Are you scheduling thyroid surgery? It may be the time to also get a neck lift. The horizontal incision your surgeon uses to remove the thyroid is a little lower than the typical incision your plastic surgeon uses for a neck lift but it’s close enough! This way, when you return to work, you can tell everyone you had thyroid surgery, but you don’t have to tell them about the neck lift. They’ll just think you lost weight and look more refreshed!


For an arm lift (like the patient above), ensure your surgeon places the scar on the inside of the arm. This is certainly more common but it wasn’t long ago that the incision was placed on the back of the arm. The biggest issue with the back of the arm is that anyone walking behind you can see the scar. Whereas with a scar on the inside of the arm, people walking towards you or behind you can’t see a thing.


No matter what type of breast augmentation you receive, your surgeon can hide the scar in 1) the armpit, 2) the fold under the breast or 3) along the edge of the areola. All of these are great options. Which you choose depends on these variables here.


And finally, if you’re getting liposuction, these very small incisions are very easy to hide. Your surgeon can hide the incisions within a C-section scar and or scar resulting from a cyst or mole removal. If the surgeon still has access to the areas that are necessary to do a great job, moving the incision over by a few inches can better hide your scar and provide a great result. That’s a win-win!


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