Strange plastic surgery requests

strange plastic surgery

Do you split tongues? Can you place my foreskin back on my penis? What about injecting fillers into the balls of my feet so I have more cushion in high heels? Can you remove the hole from my navel piercing now that I don’t want it pierced anymore? These are some of the strange plastic surgery requests we get at our office.


Will doctors accommodate all strange plastic surgery requests?

I decline most of the strange requests above but removing the hole from a navel piercing has actually been an oft requested procedure that I’ve built a following behind! It’s not an expensive procedure but it does bring in a lot of patients that can become life long returning patients.


Interestingly, many strange requests become mainstream. For example, who would have thought injecting fat into your buttocks would be one of the most commonly requested procedures? We’ve done liposuction for many years. But now, in a very eco-friendly trend, patients are asking to recycle and reuse that fat and have it injected into their buttocks. J Lo and Kim K made those requests more, ahem…reasonable?! Calf implants, which I’ve done, are becoming more requested as well.


The truth is, as long as you can do something safely and the patient seems connected to reality, most procedure requests are fair game. To check pricing on “standard” procedures, click here!


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“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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