Recording of our recent Shared Virtual Consultation

Watch the shared virtual consultation and then sign up for our program below! Once you’ve watched the video above, you can move forward with either our coaching program here or non-coaching program here. We’ll be notified of your choice and will follow up immediately with a link for online paperwork completion. Once that’s complete, we’ll […]

Shame on you Mississippi and West Virginia

semaglutide certificate of analysis

Why would Mississippi and West Virginia, states that are ranked #1 and #4 in poverty, #5 and #1 in adult obesity, and #2 and #4 in adolescent obesity, respectively, eliminate access to the most affordable version of the safe and effective weight loss drugs Ozempic and Wegovy?   Background on Ozempic and Wegovy Not since […]

Ozempic and Wegovy vs Mounjaro

First, some basics… and you’re welcome to watch our recent virtual shared consultation it you prefer video! UPDATE TO VIDEO: Guaranteed access to medications is no longer available with the 6-month coaching program if you signed up after midnight as Sunday night, June 4th turned Monday early morning, June 5th. If you read otherwise on […]

Shared Online Consultations for Ozempic/Wegovy Weight Management Program

We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people calling wanting to schedule a consultation to learn more about our weight management program and how they can start taking semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy.   Rather than making you wait for the next available individual consultation, we’re starting Shared Consultations via ZOOM Webinar […]

Botox, Xeomin or Jeuveau during pregnancy and breast feeding

botox during pregnancy

First off, thanks to Professor Emily Oster for the inspiration behind this article. In over 1000 articles I’ve written for this site, I’ve never directly tackled the issue of botulinum toxin (the active ingredient in the popular anti-wrinkle injections behind BOTOX®, XEOMIN® and Jeuveau® (#newtox)).   I did write about this topic, albeit tangentially, in […]

Beware of Medical Tourism [video]

Greg: Hey, this is Greg from Big Bay Mornings on 99.7 NOW. And I’m back here with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bae. Hey, Dr. Bae.   Dr. Bae: Hey, Greg.   Greg: What’s going on?   Dr. Bae: Things are good. We are seeing patients regularly, busy. Everybody’s like kind of getting their COVID […]

There’s more to it than BMI! [video]

BMI or Body Mass Index helps determine if a patient has a “normal” weight, overweight or morbidly obese. It takes into account, not only their weight, but also their height. Many doctors use BMI as a very prominent determinant of whether a patient would be considered a surgical candidate for an elective or cosmetic procedure. […]

Dr. Kaplan speaking at THE Aesthetic Show 2018

Dr. Kaplan speaking at THE Aesthetic Show 2018 Starting today, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health is giving three lectures over the course of four days at THE Aesthetic Show 2018 in Las Vegas. BuildMyBod Health: A primer BuildMyBod Health allows consumers to check pricing on healthcare services that are typically paid out of […]

What it takes to provide great customer service

Competition has always been fierce in healthcare and it’s only getting more competitive these days. The reasons are plentiful and a subject for another blog post. But the important thing is how to differentiate yourself. Which of course is where customer service comes in. And great customer service begins even before the patient has any […]

Prominent ear surgery [video]

If you’re looking for a quick synopsis of prominent ear surgery, you’ve come to the right place! Broadly speaking, there are two different causes of prominent ears. In one type, the ear bends outwards because of a lack of normal architecture within the visible part of the ear. In the second type, the cartilage that […]

The Greatest Demographic

What’s a doctor look for in a patient? One who is educated on the procedure or service in question even before the consultation. They’re quick to make a decision based on that education. They’re compliant and communicative regarding any potential issues before they become real issues. They’ll happily share their positive experience with their friends. This patient […]

Ear Lobe Surgery – That’s A Thing [Video]

While we have made no effort through advertising, our clinic is receiving more calls and referrals for ear lobe surgery. Yeah, that’s really a thing. Whether it’s a split ear lobe like the patient above, or a wide earlobe, like the patient below, people have concerns about their earlobes. If you’re one of these people, […]