How To Ruin A Good Thing When It Comes To Social Media In The OR

Social media in the OR (operating room) is a wonderful tool for our practice. I recently wrote about the 5 ways social media has transformed my practice here and here. But for every 5 reasons to utilize social media in one’s practice, someone will find one way to ruin it for everyone. Social media in the OR Using […]

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Welcome Dr. Jonathan Kaplan!

I’m thrilled to announce that Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a board-certified plastic surgeon originally from Alexandria, Louisiana, has joined our practice here at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery! Dr. Kaplan completed his plastic surgery fellowship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, and for the past six years has practiced in Baton Rouge, where he built a busy cosmetic […]

How to Care for Your Jackson Pratt Drain

The Jackson Pratt Drain is a special device that is meant to be worn by patients after surgical procedures in order to drain excess blood and serous fluid from the surgical site. This not only provides for a safer recovery, but it also speeds up the healing process. The Jackson Pratt Drain is composed of […]