Discounts and specials? Sure. Bargaining? Absolutely not.

discounts and specials

One of the reasons I’ve built a worldview that includes price transparency is because I recognized early on that everyone wants to know cost ahead of time.  So why make it difficult for them. No one likes sticker shock. But there’s another benefit of price transparency.   By knowing the cost ahead of time, the […]

Don’t offer specials. Offer commitment instead!

discounts and specials

It’s that time of year again for plastic surgeons and other cosmetic physicians: running specials! And even though it’s tempting, try to avoid them. Don’t get me wrong, specials aren’t the most awful thing a doctor can do. But if they’re run too often, or their timing is too predictable, then the patient loses that […]

Botox LIVE demo with Dr. Kaplan, Caviar Co and 99.7!

The image above says it all! Join us next Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 for a Botox LIVE seminar and demonstration at The Caviar Co! Yes, caviar will be served!   Botox LIVE Event! Dr. Kaplan will be on hand to give a short presentation on Botox and fillers. Greg, the host of 99.7Now Big Bay […]

Dr. Kaplan wins award at THE Aesthetic Show 2019 [video]

the aesthetic show

We’re proud to announce that Dr. Kaplan, aka @realdrbae on Snapchat and Instagram, recently won an award at THE Aesthetic Show 2019!   Best Surgical Body Shaping Enhancement at THE Aesthetic Show 2019 As you can see in the video below, Dr. Kaplan performed a Mommy Makeover on a patient with amazing results. In fact, […]

Announcing the new BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience!

discounts and specials

For physicians wanting to separate themselves from the competition, BuildMyBod Health has it all. Price transparency, lead generation, e-commerce and now Subscriptions. Through the BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience, consumers can purchase non-surgical services as a one-time purchase or through Memberships and Packages.   The BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience This experience encompasses all of the e-commerce […]

Brunch with the Baes! [video]

🌟SURPRISE BRUNCH WITH THE BAES GIVEAWAY!🌟 If you could have brunch 🥐🍳 with anyone in the world, who would it be?! Dr. Kaplan’s wife, Kelsey – @kelseykaplanfashion on Instagram – would want it to be the entire Kardashian family 💁🏽‍♀️.   But if Dr. and Mrs. Kaplan, aka Dr. and Mrs. Bae, crossed your mind, it’s your lucky day! […]

Later haters! The latest XEOMIN® Campaign

later haters

Merz, the makers of the BOTOX® Cosmetic competitor, XEOMIN®, released their later haters campaign recently. It’s a pretty interesting spin on the whole empowerment movement.   Later haters! In the past, getting botulinum toxin (ie Botox), was considered taboo. Women were embarrassed for friends and family to know they were getting treatments to minimize wrinkles. […]

Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery participating in Apple Pay event

apple pay

  So here’s the dealio! PHPS and Dr. Bae (Dr. Kaplan) are hanging out with Jest Jewels at 1869 Union Street on August 4th and 5th (that’s THIS WEEKEND) during an Apple Pay event.   If you purchase something from Dr. Kaplan, Jest Jewels or the other merchants on Union St during those 2 days, then you get 20% off […]

Is cosmetic surgery taboo? Not anymore!

There are many myths surrounding cosmetic surgery. Everyone used to think it was only for rich people. Then Congress considered a tax on cosmetic surgery, only to realize it would mostly affect middle class women. That’s not the group you want to tax during an election year! And many consider cosmetic surgery taboo. That it […]

What makes before and after photos bogus?!

With the advent of Instagram and the widespread sharing of before and after photos by doctors to an ever-increasing audience, the consumer needs to be wary. All is not what it seems. Sharing before and after photos isn’t new. For years doctors have shared their photo gallery on their own website. But that’s not the […]

Dr. Kaplan speaking at The Medical Spa Show

Board certified plastic surgeon and founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, will be presenting at The Medical Spa Show in Las Vegas this weekend. He’ll discuss “Using Price Transparency to Generate Leads.”   The Medical Spa Show The conference is sponsored by the American Med Spa Association and according to their website: “AmSpa provides […]