Announcing the new BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience!

buildmybod health concierge experience
For physicians wanting to separate themselves from the competition, BuildMyBod Health has it all. Price transparency, lead generation, e-commerce and now Subscriptions. Through the BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience, consumers can purchase non-surgical services as a one-time purchase or through Memberships and Packages.


The BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience

This experience encompasses all of the e-commerce capabilities of the BuildMyBod platform. After consumers check pricing, they can purchase non-surgical services through the BuyNow or Promos feature. Taking it to a new level is the Subscription system. This allows the consumer to purchase a Membership or a Package.


A Membership is a monthly fee the consumer pays that gives them access to discounts on multiple products and services. Our founder/CEO, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan created the Bae Club to be the vehicle for his practice’s Subscription system.


For those of you not aware, Dr. Kaplan goes by Dr. Bae on social media! As silly as it sounds, this online persona has taken on a life of its own. He’s still the same person regardless, but being Dr. Bae in the Bay Area just made sense on Snapchat and Instagram​. Spelling it B-a-e rather than B-a-y is simply a play on words. But enough about that!


Here’s an example of the Membership and Package subscriptions that Dr. Kaplan created through the Bae Club. These can be a model for other providers considering a Subscription system for their practice.


The Bae Club Injectables and SkinCare Membership:

  • Up to 20% off Botox/Xeomin, fillers, Latisse and Obagi skin care products.
  • Get treated, or purchase, as much and as often as you like and always get up to 20% off.
  • All you do is pay a low monthly membership fee (automatically charged to a card on file).
  • Purchase must be made online by clicking the button below. Can not purchase in office.


Purchase your Membership HERE!


The Bae Club Wrinkle Reducer Package: 

  • Come in the office every three months, get 20 units of Botox/Xeomin and walk right out of the office!
  • Instead of paying a lump fee for treatments at each appointment, you pay a little each month with an automated charge to your card on file.
  • You’re getting the treatments anyway but instead of paying the full amount every three months, you pay a monthly fee that covers your cost for the year – but at a 15% discount!
  • Purchase must be made online by clicking the button below. Can not purchase in office.

Purchase this Package HERE!


The video below explains the benefits to both the provider and the consumer. If you’re a provider, click here to request an account and join the BuildMyBod network. If you’re a consumer, click here to check pricing and potentially purchase services from Dr. Kaplan.


Video overview of the BuildMyBod Health Concierge Experience


Click here for the original blog post written by Dr. Kaplan for BuildMyBod.

“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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