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doctors best practices
The BuildMyBod Health network of healthcare providers now includes many doctors, dentists and surgery centers. And with so much collaboration, there’s now a large body of doctors’ best practices growing out of that network. Check out several examples below that demonstrate those best practices. But it also demonstrates that the doctors that are forward thinking enough to embrace Price TransCAREncy are also ahead of the curve in all they do.


Dr. Derek Ford – Direct Links in Eblasts

As you can see in this video, Dr. Derek Ford, a plastic surgeon in Toronto, enjoys educating his patients through his monthly email newsletters. But he also wants to get them back to this website to answer their most burning question – how much does a procedure cost. Notice how, at the bottom of the eblast, he provides a link to check pricing on 1) breast augmentation with implants, 2) breast lift without implants and 3) breast augmentation with implants and a lift.


Rather than sending the consumer back to his website and forcing them to navigate to his BuildMyBod Price Estimator, and then scrolling through to find the procedure of interest, the direct links he provides take the consumer directly to one of those three procedures. And once there, the consumer can add that procedure to their “wishlist” and submit the wishlist along with their contact info. Then, instantly, they receive a breakdown of the costs, and Dr. Ford’s office receives the consumer’s contact info – a lead for follow up.


In the two days after Dr. Ford sent out this email newsletter, he received 5 unique leads through his Price Estimator. Four of them were from the email newsletter checking pricing on those highlighted breast procedures.


Dr. Steven Rottman – Obvious call-to-action (CTA) button

doctors best practices
A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is the single most important button on the home page of any website. It captures the consumer’s interest and once they click on it, the hope is that the information on the other end of that “click” is tantalizing enough for the consumer to enter their contact info.


Nothing is more tantalizing that pricing information. While pricing isn’t the only pain point (credentials and experience are critical), it is the ultimate pain point and every consumer understands that. So with a Get A Quote CTA button, a doctor is more likely to capture contact info than with any other CTA button. “Download our ebook after entering your contact info.” “Sign up for our email newsletter.” Really? Not tantalizing enough.


Dr. Rottman and his web developers have determined the greatest placement of a CTA button. As you can see in the mobile version of his website, that red CTA button is a “sticky banner” across the bottom of the screen. And no matter where the consumer scrolls, that banner never goes away! So because Dr. Rottman’s CTA button is so visible, he has more consumers submitting wishlists than if it was in a more hidden position. And if more consumers submit wishlists, Dr. Rottman receives more leads…to the tune of 161 unique leads from the Price Estimator, all in the short month of February.


Dr. Rich Castellano – Links from Facebook Live

Dr. Castellano’s video says it all. While he’s treating a patient on Facebook Live, he receives three separate messages asking about the cost of that injectible. Rather than just telling the consumer the cost and never capturing their contact info, he directs them to the Price Estimator on his website. So if they’re really interested in cost, which everyone is, they’ll go to his website from Facebook Live and check pricing. And he’ll get their contact info for follow up.


Suzi Walton, Administrator of the Ohio Surgery Center – Insurance-based pricing

doctors best practices
For those that think price transparency only applies to cosmetic procedures, get that thought out of your head! The administrator of the Ohio Surgery Center, Suzi Walton, realizes that even consumers getting medically necessary procedures are paying out of pocket because they haven’t met their deductible.


That’s why she allows consumers to first choose their insurance plan on the Price Estimator and then submit a wishlist for a procedure of interest. What the consumer gets in return is the allowable, or out of pocket maximum, the consumer will pay to the doctor, facility and anesthesiologist for that procedure, specific to that insurance plan. How’s that for actionable pricing information!


Dr. Carlos Mata – Link in Bio on Instagram and Clickable Direct Links via Instagram Direct Messaging

doctors best practices
As Dr. Mata knows, consumers fawning over his results on his Instagram page want to know how much these procedures cost. To make it easy for them, he places a clickable link in his Instagram bio to get them one step closer to the answer. But his office staff doesn’t stop there.


doctors best practices

As the graphic above shows, he also answers questions through Instagram Direct Messaging with direct links. Rather than the old school way of dealing with questions about cost – 1) “You have to come in for a consult first” or 2) giving “the milk away for free” (providing the cost without getting contact info first) – Dr. Mata’s team sends those questioners directly to the procedure of interest so they get the info they want in exchange for their contact info.


These are just a handful of our doctors’ best practices within the BuildMyBod network. As we grow and bring more great minds into the fold, there are sure to be even more best practices. Stay tuned!


To check pricing from Dr. Kaplan, click here. If you’re a doctor looking to sign up for the BuildMyBod platform, you can request an account here.


Click here for the original blog post written by Dr. Kaplan for BuildMyBod.


“Dr. Kaplan is a true professional. He gave me extremely helpful and direct honest advice…I strongly recommend him.”– David S.

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