The SIMI™ Neck Lift: Why my neck lift is better than your neck lift!

neck liftA neck lift is becoming more common these days as people focus more on their neck during selfies. In the past, everyone got a standard neck lift. That meant an incision behind the ears to remove excess skin and an incision behind the chin to tighten the neck muscle, the platysma. As you’ll see below, there’s another option that is possible thanks to geometry!


SIMI™ (single incision minimally invasive) Neck Lift

With excess skin under the neck, the way to remove it used to be through incisions behind the ears. The doctor would make those incisions, undermine the neck skin and stretch the skin back. Any excess was removed.


But not everyone needs those incisions. If you think of the excess skin in the middle of the neck as the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, you can avoid the incisions behind the ears. If this is already confusing, just skip to the video below. It’ll all makes sense!


The bottom line is that by redraping and repositioning the excess skin in the middle of the neck and spreading it across the rest of the neck, you don’t need to remove any excess skin. If you don’t need to remove skin, then you don’t need the painful and unsightly scars behind the ears. And if you only need the one incision under the neck, you’re a candidate for a mini necklift!


In a typical neck lift, the neck incision (in addition to the 2 incisions behind the ears), is just behind the chin. But that incision won’t do in the case of a mini neck lift. It’s easier to perform the mini neck lift if the incision is lower down from the chin, in the crux of the neck, also called the cervicomental angle.


Positioning the incision within the cervicomental angle is critical so the incision is hidden. Hidden in the shadow of the jawline. This is clear in the video below.


If you have too much skin, like a “turkey gobbler neck,” then you may have too much skin for a mini neck lift, but it’s good to know you have options.


Watch the mini neck lift video


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