Build your email database and own your marketing!

email databaseWhile the answer may seem obvious, why do medical practices (or everyone for that matter) advertise with Facebook or Google? It’s because we want to get in front of the eyes of their billions of users. But we’re really not exposed to all of their viewers. Anyone that uses digital advertising knows that you narrow your target demographic to ensure you only spend money on the folks most likely to want your services. But there’s a better alternative: an email database. Follow the logic.


An email database can be more powerful than Facebook and Google!

As the image below shows, when you create a Facebook ad, you start with a large audience. The city of San Francisco in this example. Then you narrow that search to include people that are most interested in things related to your services (plastic surgery). So you focus on women, age 23-64, that pay attention to beauty, fashion, fitness etc. I think it’s reasonable to assume that women in that demographic with those interests would be interested in cosmetic services. However, it would be much better if you knew they were interested in cosmetic services, not just related interests.


email database


What if you could create an email database of people that want the exact services you offer, without having to rely on Facebook’s educated guesses? Well, there’s a way. You can use a Price Estimator on your medical website so consumers can check pricing for your services but only after they provide their contact info. That way, they get accurate estimates on your services, something they can’t find anywhere else, and you get a lead (an email address) in the process. You could offer an ebook or some other “carrot” other than pricing to convince someone to leave their contact info but I’ve found pricing is by far the most effective in getting visitors to leave their contact info behind.


How to build your email database quickly

But a few leads aren’t enough. As the image above shows, Facebook can advertise to 3,600 to 9,600 people in the example demographic with the example daily budget shown. By using a Price Estimator on my website, I’ve created an email database of over 6,500 consumers. Not only that, I know they are considering my services, not just related services.


So while I may not have access to 9,600 people like Facebook, I have a very substantial database whom I can email once a month or more (or less) if I choose. In other words, I own my marketing because I now have a large email database. As I develop that database, I can reuse it over and over again. Facebook isn’t giving you their database for your own use! And I can say with certainty that my database contains people that are more assuredly interested in cosmetic services. Facebook doesn’t really know for sure.


Get started. Build your own email database. With a Price Estimator and every consult you ever see, get their email address. Then you can educate your patients on a regular basis and know you’re interacting with people that want to hear from you. How do you know they want to hear from you? Because they checked that box when they signed up to see your pricing!


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