BBL Aftercare and Must Haves

bbl aftercare
You got a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), so now what? In this post, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions about BBL aftercare and must haves.


BBL Aftercare

One of the most common issues after a BBL is the inability to sit directly on the buttocks for approximately 6 weeks. The idea is to keep pressure off the buttocks to allow for the potential ingrowth of blood vessels to the newly transplanted fat cells. But just because you can NOT sit on the buttocks does NOT mean you can’t sit.


A decorative round couch pillow or a specially designed BBL pillow allows the patient to sit on their thighs rather than the buttocks. This offloads pressure from the buttocks. This sort of pillow is perfect for sitting at work or while driving. And if anyone asks why you’re sitting on that type of pillow, tell them you had hemorrhoid surgery. That’ll end the conversation in its tracks!



Many physicians recommend massages after a BBL to help with two issues. Because there is a lot of swelling after a BBL, massages can help stimulate lymphatic flow under the skin to reduce swelling. The other potential benefit of a massage is to dissolve any dead fat and expedite its clearance from the area. While massages can be helpful, the body will automatically clear dead fat cells, with or without massages. The massage is not proven to do this faster but there’s something to be said for patients feeling proactive and not helpless during the healing process.


If you’re considering massages, you can find YouTube tutorials on how to do this. It may save you some money after the large investment you already made in your BBL.


Garments and Drains

Garments and drains both help with reducing swelling through two mechanisms. First, garments compress the skin, “squeezing” out excess fluid, leading to reduced swelling. But garments also help with pain. When the tissues are swollen, this puts stretch on skin. This also stretches pain fibers resulting in, well, pain. The compression from a garment can reduce that pain.


Drains also help with removing excess fluid in the tissues. The faster the fluid is evacuated, the faster the swelling resolves which also reduces pain.


BBL sitting protocol video


Every physician may have different BBL aftercare instructions and must haves, so start with a consultation with Dr. Kaplan here and check pricing here.


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