The secret to the BBL isn’t a bigger butt

bigger butt
I can’t say that my most recent epiphany will change the world but it may change butts! The goal of a BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift was often thought to be a bigger butt at all costs. Now, with women getting the procedure to improve their silhouette, not necessarily to get a spot in a big booty-shaking video, we have to adjust our goals and techniques.


The BBL: It’s more than just a bigger butt

If you listen to what most women are looking for in a butt, it’s not about the size. You hear words like contour, shape and hip dips. Very few are coming in asking for huge buttocks.


1. Silhouette

Many women want a BBL to accentuate their silhouette. Specifically, they’re looking for that hourglass figure. This requires aggressive liposuction to the abdomen and flanks to make the waist as narrow as possible. The combination of a narrow waist and fuller buttocks will achieve that hourglass shape.


skinny bbl


2. Filling in the hip dips

The hips dips are perfectly normal anatomic features. this is the depression between the hip bones and the thighs bones.

Even though these are normal contours in the body and no one should feel as though something is wrong with them, popular culture is driving women to fill these in (as seen below). Rounding out the thigh does contribute to that idyllic hourglass figure so many women strive for.


bigger butt


3. Rounded buttock shape

Ultimately patients want fat injections to the buttocks but this does not require liters upon liters to achieve their stated goals. Fat to provide projection as well as rounding out the upper portion of the buttocks to blend into the hip dips provides a very aesthetically pleasing shape. Gone are the days of the upper buttock shelf. That’s not currently in vogue.

bigger butt

With just the right amount of fat, an older woman can lift and volumize her buttocks just as one would for deflated breasts. With different aged women, their goals vary and we must adjust our techniques to help them attain those goals.


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