Lowering the mental barrier to lead generation in healthcare

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There are two sides to lead generation. The business has to provide something of value in exchange for a consumer’s contact info. And the consumer has to want something badly enough to motivate them to leave their contact info. When it comes to lead generation in healthcare, that “something” is cost.


The good news is that in such a price-opaque field like healthcare, the consumer will gladly hand over their contact info for a price estimate. Unfortunately the doctor or healthcare facility’s resistance and hesitancy to offer pricing info is still well-entrenched.


Pricing is the key to lead generation in healthcare

If you’re considering buying a new car or house, you wouldn’t go to the dealership or open house without an idea of the cost. No need to waste your time and end up experiencing sticker shock. Healthcare should be no different. But it is. There are varying reasons the healthcare establishment hides pricing from the public. Fear that competitors will undercut another doctor’s prices. Concern that with all of the associated costs, it will further confuse the patient in an already confusing time in their lives.


But pricing can also be a huge consumer satisfier, leading to great customer service. The consumer knows this. That’s why they’ve lowered their mental barrier or resistance to providing their contact info in return for pricing through the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator found on a doctor or facility’s website. Because pricing is so tantalizing, more consumers are open to the idea of providing their contact info when they otherwise wouldn’t. Again, while they may not “turn over” their contact info to download your boring e-book or receive your email newsletter, they’ll do it to determine pricing prior to their consultation.


Why the healthcare provider should lower their mental barrier to price transparency

Keep in mind that because a Price Estimator lowers the mental barrier for the consumer to provide their contact info, you’ll generate a ton of leads…many from folks at the top of the funnel, ie just starting their research and not yet ready to come in for a consultation. But that’s ok because you’re capturing them early. Allowing you to establish a relationship early on and nurture that relationship through the sales funnel. And hopefully you’ll capture them in your funnel before your competition even knows they exist!


So don’t be angry if every lead doesn’t come in. This is a numbers game. When you generate more leads than ever before, from the exact audience you want to generate leads from, you’ll ultimately grow your practice with patients that are price aware and less likely to experience sticker shock. That means more will progress from the exam room to the operating room – to the tune of 41% more likely!


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