If a vaccine is approved, don’t let Kamala scare you from taking it!

don't let Kamala scare you
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The Vice Presidential debate last week may seem like forever ago. But who can forget Kamala Harris’ statement that she would accept a vaccine from the FDA but not from President Trump. Whether you heard it or not, it’s still nonsense. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the scientific method and science in general. So don’t let Kamala scare you.


Don’t let Kamala scare you from taking a vaccine

The development and approval of a vaccine is not, nor has it ever been, solely under the discretion of the President. There is a cacophony of public and private partnerships involved. Currently there are four drug companies that are in the final Phase 3 trials of a COVID-19 vaccine. Translation: they’re providing the vaccine to tens of thousands of volunteers throughout the world to ensure the vaccine is both safe and effective.


After each phase of any drug trial, the FDA reviews the data to determine if the drug company can proceed to the next phase and final approval after the third phase. Consider all of the researchers, doctors, nurses, statisticians that take part in these studies. If there were any shortcuts, someone within this entire process would blow the whistle.


And with so many involved, there are simply too many people standing in the way of a President imposing their will to magically approve a vaccine over everyone’s objections. While Vladimir Putin did that in Russia, this isn’t Russia. So for Kamala to say she would accept a vaccine from the FDA but not from the President is ridiculous. The truth is that approval is predicated on the drug companies, the FDA and the President signing off on it. Does that mean she won’t take the vaccine because the President was ultimately involved? Actually, what she does personally is immaterial.


Why her comments are so irresponsible

The real issue, the real harm is that she has lent credence to the thousands (or millions?) of Americans that have reservations about taking the vaccine. For either founded or unfounded reasons, some have concerns about the safety of the vaccine. With her irresponsible comments, they can now follow their instincts to forego the vaccine. Albeit for completely unscientific, nonsensical reasons.


By promoting a conspiracy that Trump will single-handedly approve the vaccine, she is no better than anti-vaxxers that believe vaccines lead to autism, a widely debunked theory. Some may believe her comments were hyperbole. That she didn’t really mean it. Unfortunately, being the Jenny McCarthy of the Democratic Party and scaring the populace from getting the vaccine, and producing herd immunity, is unforgivable.


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