Happy office, happy patients!

happy patientsAfter ten years of practice, four here in San Francisco, I realize patients aren’t only drawn to the doctor. They’re also drawn to the office staff. In particular, a happy office staff. And a happy office staff can create happy patients.

Happy patients are looking for a happy office

One could argue the importance or relative contribution of the doctor or staff to produce a happy patient. However, the fundamental truth is that they’re both critically important and both play their role.


Whether it’s a TV ad, digital marketing or social media that initially motivated the patient to schedule their consultation, the first impression with the office staff is the most lasting. If they’re not greeted by a smiling face or offered a beverage, the prospective patient will feel unwelcome.


And with a social media platform such as Snapchat, patients now get a sense of the office staff before they walk through your door. It’s not unusual for patients to come in already knowing the staff by name. So that initial good vibe that leads to a happy patient starts prior to their appointment.


This doesn’t mean the staff needs to be silly to portray their happiness. They don’t even need a particularly happy or bubbly doctor at the helm. They simply need an environment where they’re allowed to be happy, manage themselves and be free of onerous, arbitrary rules. Obviously some structure is necessary but the staff should understand the reason behind those rules and structure, not simply told “that’s just the way we do it.”


A Day in the Life of a Happy Office

Check out this 60-second video of our staff. It leaves you wanting more!


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