Do people get plastic surgery in San Francisco?

plastic surgery in San Francsico

The other day I was in a Lyft going somewhere awesome I’m sure! The driver asked what I did and I explained that I’m a plastic surgeon. Their first comment was, “do people get plastic surgery in San Francisco?” This was her thought process: she simply thinks of San Francisco as a city of residents less concerned about appearances. Maybe even a little hippy-ish. Not an unreasonable conclusion. But here’s the reality.


Do people get plastic surgery in San Francisco?

People most certainly get plastic surgery in San Francisco. In fact, you can divide up the Bay Area based on the procedures of interest. When someone checks pricing on our website, they have to provide their contact info first to get automated instant pricing information. Their contact info includes their city, state and ZIP code.


So we know exactly what procedure they’re considering and where they’re from. See a screenshot of an email “wishlist” below.


plastic surgery in san francisco
Actual wishlist of procedure pricing obtained after a patient submitted an automated pricing request through our website at


Because we get hundreds of wishlists every month, we know which procedures are most requested based on the region of the Bay Area. Read that last sentence again. We get hundreds of pricing requests every month, most from the Bay Area. That already shows there’s an intense interest in plastic surgery in and around San Francisco.


When we look at the various regions and procedures, here’s what we learn. Most requests for Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) come from the East Bay (Oakland) and the surrounding areas. The example above demonstrates this predilection for BBL’s in the East Bay.


Most requests for Breast Augmentation come from the city itself and the Peninsula (San Jose, Cupertino, South San Francisco, Pacifica, etc).


Most patients considering a facelift are also here in the city of San Francisco.


The difference between San Francisco and Los Angeles

Most people believe Los Angeles is the epicenter of plastic surgery. And that may be true to an extent. But one big difference between the two cities is not the per capita popularity of plastic surgery. The big difference is that you hear about it more in Los Angeles.


While residents of the Bay Area are very much interested in plastic surgery and are getting plastic surgery, they don’t talk about it as much. Los Angelenos on the other hand, are more than happy to let you know about their breast augmentation or lip injections.


It’s simply each city’s respective openness. San Franciscans get plastic surgery but don’t talk about it or at least try to remain inconspicuous about their enhancements. Folks from Los Angeles wear their procedure proudly like a badge of courage. There’s nothing wrong with either approach. Ultimately, it’s about society’s acceptance of plastic surgery that makes it seem as though people from San Francisco don’t get plastic surgery…but they do!


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