How we’re able to get “generic” Ozempic/Wegovy 🤔


via GIPHY We’ve received questions about how we’re getting semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy, since it’s currently so backordered. We’re ordering our semaglutide from a compounding pharmacy. Never heard of a compounding pharmacy? That’s ok, chances are you’ve used medication from a compounding pharmacy before.   Examples of what a compounding pharmacy […]

You’re worried about this vaccine?! And other myths!

worried about this vaccine

In the run up to the current vaccine approvals and post approval process, I’m blown away by what is making people worried about this vaccine. I’m not surprised they’re worried. Totally get that. But surprised by what they’re worried about!   Anxiety and fear are completely understandable for a vaccine that was developed in record time […]

What’s the Cleveland Clinic up to? A lot!

cleveland clinic

I just attended the Fall meeting of the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors. The biannual meetings of the Board of Directors provides an opportunity for the Clinic to show alumni from around the country, what various departments are up to. The alumni in turn, disseminate that information to their respective communities. As you’ll see […]

Dr. Kaplan appointed to Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors

Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery’s very own, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan was recently appointed to the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors. The Cleveland Clinic is the #2 hospital in the country according to the most recent US News and World Report ranking.   Cleveland Clinic Alumni Board of Directors Dr. Kaplan will serve on the Cleveland […]