Be Patient, Your Breast Implants Will Drop! [Video]

breast implants will drop
Preop breast augmentation

There’s nothing more angst-ridden for a patient (and their plastic surgeon) than waiting for breast implants to drop. But as the case below demonstrates, breast implants will drop, eventually. It may take some time and in rare cases, a revision may be necessary to get them perfectly symmetrical. But in all cases, the implants will drop at least to some extent.


Breast implants will drop…eventually

After inserting breast implants, the breast skin needs time to acclimate and relax. That’s why it takes time for implants to drop. And as anyone that’s had the procedure knows, the implants start out high and start to settle, or “drop and fluff” as many patients say.


breast implants will drop
3 months postop

But if they do drop unevenly, a revision surgery may be necessary. However, it’s important for the patient to recognize that rushing back to surgery may not be needed. As in the example below, the patient continued to notice progress over weeks and months. If the implants had stopped along the way, a revision would have been appropriate. But there was always progress and the implants continued to drop.


Until finally, they end up looking great!

breast implants will drop
5 months postop


Progression video: breast implants will drop


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