Treatments for the neck

treatments for the neck

Crepey skin, wrinkles, neck bands, turkey gobbler neck, jowls. These are all signs of the aging neck so let’s talk about treatments for the neck, from least invasive to the more invasive.


Bands to the neck

If you have bands extending from the chin to the base of your neck, you may be a candidate for Botox or Xeomin. Here’s the catch though. If those bands are just skin, it won’t help. But if the bands contain muscle, then injecting along the band will help. How do you know which you have? Flex your neck muscle by gritting your teeth. If the bands you don’t like become more prominent, you’re a good candidate.


Wrinkles or crepey skin

If you have wrinkly, crepey skin (are those even words?!), the skin can be resurfaced to improve the appearance. But one drawback is that resurfacing of the neck skin (with a laser or chemical peel) can lead to hypopigmentation. That’s a whitening of the skin. Because there are fewer melanocytes in the neck, the cells that produce pigment, those cells can be destroyed, leading to lighter-than-expected skin tone.


Jowls or sagging neck skin

Ultherapy uses ultrasonic waves to heat the collagen in the skin to tighten sagging skin or jowls. The good news is that it works. It’s not permanent but it is non-invasive. The problem is that it hurts apparently. It hurts so much that patients need pain medication and valium which makes you groggy. Which sort of nullifies the whole non-surgical-avoiding-anesthesia part.


Misplaced or excess skin to the neck

If you have a lot of excess skin, you may need a full neck lift. That includes an incision behind the chin and long incisions behind the ears to remove the excess skin. That’s the most invasive procedure on this list. But if you only have “misplaced” skin in the midline of your neck, you may be a candidate for a SIMI neck lift.


The procedure has only one incision: the one behind the chin. Through this one incision, the neck skin can be redraped so it’s no longer sagging and that avoids the need to make incisions behind the ears to remove skin. Check out this video here regarding the SIMI neck lift or watch the overview below.


Video: Treatments for the neck


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