The Bae View: Cosmetic Surgery and Social Media

cosmetic surgery and social media
In this episode of the Bae View, we discuss the marriage of cosmetic surgery and social media. It’s becoming the norm. And why? The video below will explain. But basically, procedural education is better with video.


Cosmetic Surgery and social media

Many plastic surgeons and doctors performing procedures in their own office or surgery center are showcasing procedures on social media. It’s very conducive to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics as well. Pretty much any procedure that is elective (not an emergency) is ripe for social media.


The consumers out there on social media will be able to learn more about the procedure they may be considering. Also, they get a good look at the doctor. For example, what’s more genuine, the description the doctor’s bio provides on their website or seeing your doctor on screen in the midst of performing a procedure?


The video below also discusses what it takes to become a plastic surgeon. It’s a long road. The beauty of a career in plastic surgery is that you can often avoid the headaches of dealing with insurance companies. Or using an electronic medical record made for everyone but optimized for no one. Or waiting forever for an operating room in a hospital vs having your own operating room in your office and waiting on no one!


Being in a private cosmetic practice can allow practicing medicine with all of the pluses and none of the minuses associated with most fields in healthcare.


Lastly, the video gives insight into the impact cosmetic surgery can have on a patient. It’s immediate and hopefully, with the right expectations, a positive impact.


Video on cosmetic surgery and social media


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