How to lower the cost of healthcare

Before we explain how to lower the cost of healthcare, let’s discuss one reason healthcare costs more in this country than many others. The quality of care is great here. There’s no place I’d rather be sick than in the US. But why does it cost more than other industrialized countries?   Why the cost […]

5 Unexpected Ways Snapchat Transformed My Practice

My practice began experimenting with Snapchat in September of 2016. While I wasn’t sure if it was a passing fad or not, I teamed up with Dr. Miami as an “influencer” within the plastic surgery space. Snapchat may eventually be replaced with Instagram Stories or some other technology, but the combination of “real-time” video and […]

Why patient leads after midnight lead nowhere

I’m not sure about other industries but within the healthcare space, cosmetic practices are generating leads from many different “channels.” By that, I mean we get leads through our website contact submission form, a BuildMyBod Price Estimator wishlist or questions through social media. Some leads go somewhere, others go nowhere. Patient leads coming in after […]

Patients are filming their own surgery! Yeah, that happens! [video]

A lot of doctors are having trouble with the intrusion of social media into the clinical arena. Whether it be during a consultation or surgery, patients want to, anonymously or not, share their experience. And yeah, patients are filming their own surgery!   Paying it forward Video is critical to a patient’s preop education. They […]