Do’s and Don’ts before surgery

Surgery, whether it’s cosmetic or not, can be a big deal. You may be out of commission for a few days afterwards so it’s important to prepare before surgery. Here’s a list of suggestions to better ensure a successful, stress free recovery.   Top Do’s and Don’ts before Surgery Due to pain or social downtime, […]

Take your pain medication after surgery…but only as needed!

Of course you need pain medication after your surgery. No one is suggesting you won’t be in pain, but doctors are more nervous than ever about over prescribing pain medication. But even in the best of circumstances, pain meds can cause problems.   Take your pain medication PRN Narcotics and other opioids that help with […]

When postop surgery patients answer your phone call

I love it when postop surgery patients answer my phone call. It’s officially 10 years in practice now and still, without fail, I call my outpatient surgery patients the night after their surgery. And it’s all because of how I was treated when I had surgery as a young tyke.   Why you should call […]

Is your doctor’s office-based operating room accredited? [video]

If you’re in the market for cosmetic surgery, you may notice lots of doctors now perform their cosmetic procedures in their office. But that doesn’t mean that every office based operating room is created equal! You want to be sure that your doctor’s office based operating room has accreditation. Believe it or not, there’s no […]

Is it ok to have Marijuana before surgery? [video]

In honor of April 20th, or 420, a sort of national holiday for marijuana, several patients are asking: if you can’t have cigarettes before or after surgery, is it ok to have marijuana before surgery? Most patients know about the issues with cigarettes before and after surgery but is marijuana ok? I’m not going to […]

Overnight stay after cosmetic surgery…necessary?

Often patients ask when they will be go home after their cosmetic surgery. I will explain that they’ll go home mid or late morning or early afternoon depending on the procedure. There’s a look of surprise in their face because they ask, “oh, the same day?!” And I explain that an overnight stay will not […]

Considering breast aug or fillers? You need to know about biofilm!

Like movies? Biofilm is the most important film you’ve never heard of! Biofilm is the technical name for the slime that bacteria secrete. It’s a problem in the case of breast implants and fillers. We generally worry about blatant infections from bacteria but in the case of implants and fillers, biofilm can cause problems other […]