Prior to the consultation, everyone should get a quote

get a quote I often write about how the patient experience is improved when they “get a quote” via an online Price Estimator on a physician’s website. And not just for cosmetic services. But also for bariatric, general surgery and gynecological services, as well as surgery centers. Even if the patient doesn’t get a quote online, the provider’s office must ensure they do receive one prior to the consultation.


Everyone should get a quote!

In this study, we found that patients were 41% more likely to book a procedure at the time of consultation if they were aware of price ahead of time. Patients who were price unaware were less likely to book due to sticker shock. That typically leads to a poor customer service experience.


Therefore, it’s incumbent upon the front office staff to provide the patient with a quote no matter what. Sure many patients may stumble upon the price estimator on a physician’s website. But what about the potential patient who calls, unaware of the existence of a price estimator on the doctor’s website?


To minimize sticker shock, the office needs a process. A process for all patients to know the cost prior to the consultation. Just like the office staff collects the patient’s demographic info when booking their consultation, they should also provide the caller/patient with an estimate over the phone or via email or text.


Providing a quote through all channels – online or off

Just because the patient didn’t find the price estimator on their own doesn’t mean they have no interest in the cost. Everyone wants to know the cost of their procedure! In our office, when someone calls to book a consult, we ask if they checked pricing online. If not, we send them an estimate via our iPhone pricing app. Even the random caller asking about price receives an estimate via the pricing app.


In this way, everyone, whether it’s the price shopper, the serious patient, the person booking a consult, the social media follower, the visitor to our website – everyone – receives an estimate prior to consultation!


If you’re a consumer interested in pricing for a procedure from a doctor near you, click here. If you’re a healthcare provider who wants to showcase your pricing on your website in exchange for the consumer’s contact info – a lead for follow up – click here.


Special thanks to Jessica of Setty Plastic Surgery for the inspiration behind this blog post!


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