Own your marketing

own your marketingWhy do we buy ads on Facebook or Google Adwords? We do it to get out in front of their billions of users. But not really. When you purchase ads on any platform, you’re marketing your ads toward a particular demographic.


Own Your Marketing

For example, for my practice in San Francisco, if I were to buy Facebook ads (which I don’t), I’d direct the ads towards women within certain ZIP codes, a particular age demographic and those interested in “health and beauty” because that’s the closest Facebook descriptor to those interested in “cosmetic surgery.” Which is pretty inaccurate when you think about it. Those two groups don’t necessarily have a lot of crossover in a Venn diagram.


As you can see in the screenshot above, once I’ve curtailed my reach, I’m only advertising to an average of 6,000 individuals.


Well, I’ve got a database of over 7,500 consumers that I know they have interest in my services. And remember, I’m not just relying on finding prospective patients interested in “health and beauty.” I know my leads are considering cosmetic services because they’re submitting wishlists for cosmetic services! This would be the same for any consumer submitting wishlists for any healthcare service.


So not only am I selecting for a better, more engaged audience, I have their emails too! Do you think Facebook or Google are going to give you the emails of the consumers that click on your ads?! That’s a rhetorical question.


In other words, by building a huge database of interested consumers, you can remarket to these folks via an email newsletter as often as you want and not have to pay for ads, potentially, ever again!


If you’re a healthcare provider and want to build your patient database, click here. You’ll also be doing the right thing by providing consumers with your pricing info.


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