No vertical scar breast reduction

no vertical scar breast reductionWhen you have excessive breast tissue causing back pain or difficulty fitting into clothes, a breast reduction may be appropriate. One of the main drawbacks with a breast reduction is the vertical scar that extends down the front of the breast from the areola. If you’re a candidate, a no vertical scar breast reduction may be in your future!


Vertical scar vs no vertical scar breast reduction

During a breast reduction, your surgeon is removing excess skin and excess breast tissue. Removing the excess skin is the “lift” portion of the procedure and removing the excess breast tissue is the reduction portion. In the process of performing a breast reduction, you create scars around the areola and under the breast at a minimum.


Depending on the size of the breasts and the technique, you may be able to avoid the vertical scar. After watching the video below, this will make more sense. Rather than removing a portion of vertical skin, the breast tissue is pushed up underneath a flap of skin that has a hole for the moving areola. By shifting the tissue in this way, a vertical scar is unnecessary.


You may be wondering why everyone doesn’t get a breast reduction with this technique. Here are four reasons. 1) Not all physicians know the technique. 2) Your breasts have to be fairly large and 3) insurance doesn’t reimburse specifically for this type of breast reduction. The other trade-off is that the incision under the breast is “pleated” when closing the wound. However, this really isn’t a tradeoff because this scar flattens and fades with time.


No vertical scar breast reduction video


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