Adam’s Apple Surgery Video

adam's apple
Mini neck lift with redraping of neck skin to expose the neck line and Adam’s apple.

As you can see in this gentleman here, he has a drastic improvement in his neck line. What’s stands out the most? It’s the appearance of his Adam’s apple. Based on his ‘before’ photo, you wouldn’t even know he has one!


How to get your Adam’s apple back

For men, there are two ways to get your Adam’s apple back. Each procedure – neck lift (mini or full) vs neck lipo – has its place. It all depends on how much skin and/or fat you have. If the issue is excess skin, then you have to decide further between a mini necklift or full necklift. If you have a small amount of excess skin (your doctor will help make this determination), a mini necklift is used to redrape the skin to conform better to your neck.


However, with too much skin, a full neck lift with additional incisions behind the ears will be necessary. Again, your doctor will examine you to assist in this decision.


Compare that to the patient below. He has excess fat that is amenable to liposuction only. Sure he has some excess skin but after the liposuction, the skin tightened on its own. That’s not always the case so experience on the part of your doctor is critical.

adam's apple
Streamlined neck after liposuction only


Neck liposuction video reveals patient’s Adam’s apple!


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