Why work out if you can get lipoetching?!

lipoetchingObviously we wouldn’t minimize the importance of a healthy diet and workout regimen. But if after that, you don’t have the washboard abs you’re looking for, lipoetching may be for you.


What is lipoetching?

Believe it or not, lipoetching is using what is normally a bad technique, in the right context. When performing liposuction, the surgeon sucks out as much fat as possible. At the same time, you don’t want to remove too much fat in one area and leave too much behind in another. The goal is to remove fat but keep the skin and contours of the body even and symmetrical.


But if too much fat is removed in any area, this results in contour deformities. If the surgeon didn’t mean to do that, it looks terrible and is hard to fix. And that’s essentially what lipoetching is: a purposeful contour deformity! By performing liposuction very superficially, just below the skin, a contour deformity or divot is created. This technique can be successful in the context of abdominal liposuction.


Someone with a toned abdomen typically has natural divots in the midline of their abdomen and along the sides of the six-pack muscles. These are the linea alba and linea semilunaris respectively. In the video below, you’ll see lipoetching in the midline of the abdomen. Notice how superficial the cannula is under the skin. You can see how subtle but effective lipoetching of the midline can be in the patient’s photo above.


Video on lipoetching


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