Breast lift pricing without implants

If you’re looking for breast lift pricing and want to avoid implants, you’ve come to the right place! With enough breast tissue, you may have all the volume necessary without implants…you just need a breast lift.


How to get the breast lift you need

Droopy breasts are a result of loose breast skin. Think of the breast skin as a “skin envelope” around the breasts. By tightening the breast skin through a breast lift, the existing breast tissue remains but is lifted. It’s important not to remove any breast tissue to retain the volume and therefore, no implants would be necessary.


For a small amount of breast droop, meaning there’s not a great deal of loose skin, a lift can be easy. Simply remove excess skin from around the areola, tighten the skin envelope and lift the breast. The great thing about this technique is the minimal scarring. The incision is around the areola which is well camouflaged. This is referred to in layman’s terms as a “donut lift.”


If the breast has more droop than that, then the doctor can perform a “lollipop” incision. Done with an incision around the areola and then going down towards the fold under the breast. Unfortunately the vertical scar going towards the fold under the breast is the most visible.


So while she may have more scars, she has beautifully shaped, full breasts!


Lastly, with a great deal of droop, more skin needs to be removed. This is done with an “anchor” incision. This scar results from the removal of excess skin around the areola and the lower half of the breast. You get the greatest lift from this procedure but with more resulting scars. The patient above, and below in the video, had the anchor lift. So while she may have more scars, she has beautifully shaped, full breasts!


The biggest benefit to a breast lift without implants is the ability to avoid any risks associated with foreign material such as a breast implant. That reduces your risk of infection and the need to remove the implant and scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture).


Video of a breast lift without implants


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